Opioid Treatment
Opioid Treatment using an Alternative approach to the 12 Steps is unique in the Northwest. Our treatment goes beyond the four week program because relapse rates throughout the industry hover around 60% in the first year of recovery. Therefore our Participants are provided with free Aftercare consisting of two 1 1/2 hour groups a week for as long as they desire.  Learn to get to the root of the problem, find your inner strength, and compassion for yourself. We help you get through it with no guilt or shaming tactics.
Other Addictions

In treating any addictive habit, it is important to understand that there has been a particular purpose for us using the behavior. What is the overall benefit of the addiction and can we find an alternative that is more beneficial? NeuroLinguistic Inner Aspect work is a great approach to change our innate habits so we can change from habitually turning to an external substance for relief to a more helpful behavior that would be not fattening, immoral, or illegal. Which is good for us.