Frendly Service

Basic Steps is committed to creating a warm and caring environment
There is a retreat feel to the program. Yes, people learn top counseling strategies to use on themselves, but it is handled in a considerate and compassionate way. 
 is the best medicine
Why shouldn't treatment be fun? Of course it can be hard work to address the problems that get you into treatment, but to balance this with laughter an fun filled activities will make your experience exciting and memorable. We are not here to make you feel bad about your past. You've probably done that enough on your own. We are here to show you how to heal and often this healing takes place through play and laughter.   

Easy to use tools

This program brings Psychology to life! 

Psychological methods are taught and mastered by the participants in the Basic Steps Mental Health program.  Studying it in school is one thing, but this program brings Psychology to life! 

Involved Staff

The staff at the facility  assist you in your growth. You are the client and they are trying to provide you an outstanding treatment experience. The staff at Basic Steps Mental Health is with you each step of the way.  
The staff at Basic Steps Mental Health is with you each step of the way.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam

We Listen

In order to treat you properly we are dedicated to listening to what you need

Our staff makes the person more important than the lesson. It is important for us to understand before being understood. 

We are in this thing together

we make it our goal to provide a happy environment
Treatment at Basic Steps Mental Health is active and our staff is highly involved.  We put on demonstrations, laugh at ourselves, and go the extra mile to provide the professional service you deserve. 
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