Family Therapy

Free to all participants in our Intensive program

You are not the only one suffering. Often the entire family system is sick and in need of repair. As one person works on bettering themselves, it often causes a strain on the family as a whole.

Every Saturday families are invited to take part in family therapy to work on creating new patterns of communication and functioning. These sessions are non- confrontational, informative, and allows people the format for honest communication and problem resolution. When appropriate, therapeutic games are played to break the ice and show people that treatment can also be fun. Still families are educated on the tools provided in the program in order to create a common language between family members. 

Family Sessions Open to the Public

Couples and Family Sessions

Family and couples' sessions are also open to the public. Basic Steps Mental Health has an open door policy and both family and individual sessions are available. If your relationships are in repair we can help you use the difficulties to learn and grow in an effort to avoid falling into the same pitfalls and repeating these behaviors again and again.

We also provide individual sessions for partners who want to work on their problems in private.